Please note that we are taking a little summer break, and will be back in on August 8th. Please allow 7 business days for orders placed before August 8th to be processed + regular shipping time. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need an order shipped out sooner and are in Chicago, please stop by Urban Source (1429 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642) to pick up a bag in person. 

Happy Summer!

Caring for your bag

Congratulations on your purchase of a Mooya bag. Your bag is made of the highest quality fabrics, and when cared for appropriately, will give you many years of wear.

Cleaning Instructions
Should your bag become soiled, please follow these care instructions below.
Handbag and Tote
The base bags are constructed from industrial felt and a commercial-grade polyurethane fabric (front and back). 
Industrial Felt - spot clean with a mild soap and lukewarm water using clean, soft lint-free damp cloth. Do not saturate. 
Mod (polyurethane) - spot clean with a mild soap and lukewarm water using a sponge. Do not dry-clean. 
The pockets are all made of different fabrics, so please take note of the fabric that yours is made from and follow the instructions below. 
Dive, Mod & Liquid (polyurethane) - spot clean with a mild soap and lukewarm water using a clean, soft lint-free cloth. Do not use a dry-cleaning solvent on these fabrics as it can deteriorate the finish. 
Multi-stripe Menswear - Use a dry-cleaning solvent based agent to spot clean. Do not saturate
Big Dots - Use a dry-cleaning solvent based agent to spot clean. 
Geo - Can be washed with a mild soap and water.
Exes - Use a dry-cleaning agent to spot clean.
In all cases where there is a mix of fabric on your bag/pocket, please read the instructions for all the fabrics and treat each section appropriately.
Keeping your bag in shape
The Handbag and Tote bag should be stored either upright or on their side. Both bags will look their best if you avoid cramming them in tight spaces, or underneath a pile of other bags. Fabrics can develop a memory, and creases or folds may develop over time if stored incorrectly.
Industrial Felt
Over time with friction against certain garments, the felt can start to pill, especially at the edges. This is a natural characteristic of felt but can be controlled by snipping off the pills with a sharp pair of scissors to keep the felt looking good for years to come.