About the bags

Mooya Bags keep life simple by offering many designer looks from one bag. Made of the highest quality commercial-grade upholstery fabrics, Mooya bags are for the design conscious bag lover.  The Handbag and Tote feature a removable front pocket that is changeable to suit your mood.  Purchase additional pockets separately at any time to create unlimited looks from one bag!
All of our bags are proudly made in the USA.

See the bag in action:


Create many different looks from ONE bag                                                                     




The Cross-body bag on the Tote



Converting the Cross-body bag to a clutch






About the fabrics:

As well as being commercial-grade, many of the fabrics we have chosen to use are environmentally-friendly. Mod Noir, the black textured polyurethane fabric we are currently using on the base bags (Tote and Handbag) is Greenguard certified, and the industrial felt is unbleached, undyed, and contains a minimum of 15% recycled fibers.